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[movies]Romeo the Cat - Fabrizio Ulisse
My cat Romeo (it's a male name but the cat is a "she", a little mistake...) knows how to convince you when it's dinner time.
Keywords: cat; vlog; pet
Downloads: 1,147
[movies]Vlog #2 - David Kolenda
Uncle Sparks' Video Revue: Tormenting Bubba
Keywords: vlog; cat; Grand Rapids; Michigan
Downloads: 150
[movies]jr_HooeeShortForHoudini20061121 - James N. Reynolds
houdini20061119_01 Last Wednesday, that horrible raining, cold windy night, after I got home drenched from my bike drive home, even with good rain gear, I heard a meow from under our house. I figured it was just a cat scared by the rain and would come out when it was dry. The next day, Thursday, when I got home that night, my wife told me how she'd heard it under the house. It was still cold, so I thought it was just staying under there...
Keywords: kitten; cat; vlog; cainvlog; kitty; feline
Downloads: 549
[movies]Orange Cat Blues: Wat I Founded in Omaha
Loki visits the Henry Doorley Zoo to show us his favorite exhibit.
Keywords: zoo, homo sapiens, human, exhibit, loki, orange cat blues, orangecatblues, cat, vlog
Downloads: 208
[movies]Typical Day at Big Cat Rescue
This video was shot entirely from an iPhone. The clips are the typical things I see on my rounds.
Keywords: big; cat; rescue
Downloads: 1
[movies]Another HD cam test
Keywords: technology; cat5tv
Downloads: 6
[movies]HD Test
Testing the new HD equipment.
Keywords: technology; cat5tv
Downloads: 23
[movies]Wall Pong - Adam Quirk
A collection of random clips from the past couple days: Sunglasses at night Wet sidewalk Death bride Wall pong Tired cat Wall Pong
Keywords: wall pong; bullemhead; vlog; video blog; cat; adam quirk
Downloads: 337
[movies]Orange Cat Blues Vlog: Licking
Loki discusses fostering Recession Pets, Laz updates, and a noo hai ku.
Keywords: loki; orangecatblues; orange; cat; blues; vlog; kitty; video blog; licking
Downloads: 594
[movies]Baby Bobcat Day 1
Big Cat Rescue's version of Growing Up Bobcat takes you day by day through the challenges of rescuing a baby bobcat, hand rearing her and teaching her all she needs to know so that she can one day be set free. For more information or to help fund our rescue and rehab work visit BigCatRescue.org 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 336258 813.920.4130 Info@BigCatRescue.org
Keywords: kitten; cub; bobcat; bobcats; bob cat; big cat rescue
Downloads: 2
[movies]NYCC 2012: Necomimi
Rob Base talks with Necomimi
Keywords: searchonly; necomimi; cat ears; japan
Downloads: 2
[movies]Gables at Big Cat Rescue
Gables Residential is an incredible company that owns and manages commercial and residential real estate across the country. Each year their regions select a non profit to help for a day on a massive scale. Big Cat Rescue was fortunate to be chosen this year as one of the beneficiaries of this tremendous generosity.
Keywords: gables; residential; big; cat; rescue
Downloads: 6
[movies]Viral Cat Video
Thing us! http://www.facebook.com/skitforbrains http://www.twitter.com/skitforbrains Darryl's sick of all those "Cat Videos" going viral and using all the views the internet has, leaving none for SFB. If nobody watches SFB videos, they can't make any money! ; Thus, Mike figures that since Darryl already has "The Gus" if SFB can't beat 'em - they should join 'em. Naturally, Moosehead is the voice of reason.
Keywords: comedy; cat; orange; orange cat; cat video; viral video; viral; keyboard cat; original; crash; vhs; guido; darryl; mike; dylan
Downloads: 21
[movies]Baby Bobcat 3
Baby Bobcat Week 2 Episode 3. When we left off last time, the mother cat was not allowing the baby bobcat to nurse, so we checked with Jack Talman, St Francis and Cat Call to see if her last two kittens were still awaiting homes. See what happens next at Big Cat Rescue. 12802 Easy St Tampa, FL 33625 813.920.4130 Info@BigCatRescue.org
Keywords: bobcat; bob cat; kitten; cat; big cat rescue; bobcat kitten; kit; bobcat cub
Downloads: 2
[movies]Kitty Personalities
What will a kitten's personality be like as an adult?
Keywords: home&garden; cat; kitten; picking a kitten; picking a cat; kitten adoption; cat adoption; cat connection; katya lidsky; the pet collective; cat personalities; kitten personalities; cute; adorable; kittens
Downloads: 3
[movies]Orange Cat Blues: Hai Def - Pet Serrano
Loki the Anchorcat's Screentest with the new Critter News Hai Definishun Camera.
Keywords: loki; orange; cat; blues; critternews; orangecatblues; hai; high; def; vlog; kitty
Downloads: 523
[movies]2006 Big Cat Rescue
This film features the rescue of the three Cougar cubs, Ares, Orion, and Artemis and was first shown at the 2006 Fur Ball.
Keywords: animal; cat; planet; earth; wild; tiger; lion
Downloads: 2
[movies]Geoffroy Cat Species Spotlight
This Species Spotlight is on the tiny Geoffroy Cat of South America. Big Cat Rescue 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 813.920.4130 BigCatRescue.org
Keywords: geoffroy; geoffrey; cat; small; big; rescue
Downloads: 2
[movies]Hope the Bobcat Episode 12
Hope says goodbye to her foster family.
Keywords: animal; cat; planet; earth; wild; tiger; lion
Downloads: 2
[movies]And the Cat Came Back...3 Months Later
The most important thing to do if your pet gets lost is to stay positive.please comment here
Keywords: talk&interview; cat; missing; pet; microchip; sara
Downloads: 3
[movies]Big Cat Cages
Should big cats be kept in natural enclosures or on concrete? You decide.
Keywords: cages; tigers; lions; big; cats; cat; rescue
Downloads: 7
[movies]Working in the Rain
Big Cat Rescuers are the best. They work in the rain, heat and bugs to make sure the cats are comfortable at Big Cat Rescue.
Keywords: rain; volunteer; big cats; big cat rescue
Downloads: 4
[movies]Macgasm | Pogo Cat has got some Soul
We take a time out from reviewing hardware and cases, and look at a couple of iPhone or iPad games: Pogo Cat and Soul.
Keywords: pogo cat; soul; apple; mac; iphone; ipad
Downloads: 3
[movies]Big Cat Rescue 2008
Big Cat Rescue is home to more than 100 big cats that have been abused and abandoned. In 2008 BCR rescued Joseph's pride, two lions and two tigers. They had been used as props in photos and their claws and canines were removed. When the facility that abused them abandoned the cats BCR stepped in and rescued the pride.
Keywords: animal; cat; planet; earth; wild; tiger; lion
Downloads: 8
[movies]Big Cat Rescue 2008
A review of what Big Cat Rescue has accomplished in 2008. Joseph's Pride Rescue and Bobcat Rehabilitation.
Keywords: animal; cat; planet; earth; wild; tiger; lion
Downloads: 11
[movies]People's Choice Award
Big Cat Rescue wins the People's Choice Award for the 3rd year in a row!
Keywords: big; cat; rescue; award; peoples; choice; vote
Downloads: 6
[movies]Cat Splash Fever
Thanks to YOU the tigers at Big Cat Rescue can stave off the boredom of captivity in their pools and with enrichment.
Keywords: tiger; tigers; splash; big cat rescue
Downloads: 8
[movies]Return to the Wild Part 1
The Great Escape: Big Cat Rescue planned for this escape for months. Last year a baby bobcat call came in as the third one in three weeks. He only had one eye and a lump on his belly the size of an orange. Big Cat Rescue was there to get him the medical attention he needed. Emergency surgery repaired the hernia in his abdominal wall. The swelling was the contents of his intestines and other internal organs that had spilled out of the muscled area and were rubbing away at the inner lining of his ...
Keywords: bobcat; bobcats; rehab; release; big cat rescue
Downloads: 23
[movies]Rescue of White Tiger and Lion
Big Cat Rescuers save Cameron the lion and Zabu the white tiger. See this video and more than 200 more in higher quality at BigCatRescue.org/podcats.htm 12802 Easy Street Tampa, FL 33625 813.920.4130 Info@BigCatRescue.org
Keywords: tiger; white; tigress; lion; rescue; big; cat
Downloads: 8
[movies]2005 Big Cat Rescue
This film was played at the 2005 Fur Ball and features the rescues of Cameron the lion, Zabu the white tiger, Nini the tiger, and the rehabilitation and release of Faith the bobcat.
Keywords: animal; cat; planet; earth; wild; tiger; lion
Downloads: 7
[movies]Kennedy the Baby Bobcat
Kennedy the Baby Bobcat was named after a man who inspired a nation. Let this brave little bobcat inspire you. Like the man Kennedy was named for, his time here was cut short, reminding us just how precious and fleeting life is. If there is anything we could learn from his brief time here it would be to keep moving forward, even when we cannot see the way. His soft whisper from the other side tells us to believe in ourselves, to be fearless and to know that only love is real...
Keywords: bobcat; rehab; bob cat; tiger; lion; big cat rescue; saving tigers; saving big cats
Downloads: 1
[movies]Sand Cat Species Spotlight
Welcome to another edition of Big Cat Rescue's species spotlight. We now take a look at one of our smallest residents as well as a very elusive feline that not a lot of people have ever seen in the wild or in captivity. The sand cat is one of our favorites and hopefully will be one of yours as well. And this goes without saying but even though they are small they would not make a good pet. Hopefully this video will inspire you to support feline conservation efforts around the globe...
Keywords: sandcat; sandcats; sand cat; sand cats; desert lynx; big cat rescue
Downloads: 6
[movies]Robot Cat - Bird & Cactus Cartoon
Hooray for the technological marvel that is the robot cat. A Bird & Cactus cartoon.
Keywords: cat; kitty; robot; robot; cat; bird; cactus; funny; odd; cartoon; humorous; comedy; animation; paul; rodenburg
Downloads: 22
[movies]White Serval Nose Surgery
Tonga the white serval was found to have a cancerous mass on his nose... Surgeons performed a nosectomy to remove the mass and thankfully Tonga made a full recovery!
Keywords: white serval; nose surgery; rarest cat; rare; weird; unusual; freaky; strange; cats; cancer; big cat rescue
Downloads: 5
[movies]How To Do Feline Flicks With Binky
In this episode of Binky's Boutique the Made In Chelsea Star shows you how to do cat eye makeup. This technique will really draw attention to your eyes and make them look bigger.
Keywords: binky felstead; makeup; beauty; get the look; cat eyes; cat eye flick; makeup flick
Downloads: 1
[movies]Demonstration on How to Pill Your Cat
Remember that cats will look for an easy exit when it comes to medication, so protect that back escape plan. And, don't dry pill your cat. Always provide water or honey on the paw after pilling so the pill is not stuck in the esophagus. Special thanks to the Lange Foundation and Animal Medical Center of Southern California.
Keywords: home&garden; cat medication; cat pilling; how to pill a cat; demonstration cat pilling; how to pill demonstration; tpc cares; sick cat; sick dog; rescue; adopt; ask a vet; vet; veterinarian; hot vet; courtney campbell
Downloads: 5
[movies]Cats and Allergies
Is it possible to have a cat when you also have allergies to cats? It might be possible, find out how. If you're allergic to cats does that also mean you are allergic to dogs? All cats featured are available for adoption at Best Friends-Los Angeles. Best Friends is a no kill, non-profit animal rescue. For more information please visit: http://bestfriends.org/la Facebook: www.facebook.com/bestfriendsanimalsocietyLA Special thanks to Best Friends Animal Society - Los Angeles
Keywords: home&garden; the; pet; collective; cat; adoption; how; to; adopt; cat; connection; forever; home; rescue; best; friends; animal; society; tpc; unadoptables; best; friends; hypoallergenic; cat; allergy; and; cats
Downloads: 10
An Epic Battle for the ages. Watch as warrior kittens battle the BOX OF BABYLON!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl; plant
Downloads: 2
[movies]CAT VS BOWL
Warrior cats take on a clear, round, slightly puzzling bowl!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl
Downloads: 1
Watch this Cat try to outsmart an egg carton!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl; egg; carton
Downloads: 6
Two kittens duke it out for the champion of cutest kitten!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl
Downloads: 24
Watch these kitties try to find there way out a hamster ball.!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl; hamster; ball
Downloads: 3
[movies]Cats Marvel at Mirror - Cats vs. Mirror
Warrior Cats Must Face Their Greatest Fear in this Battle For The Ages... Their Own Reflection.
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl; mirror
Downloads: 20
[movies]Cats Play in Pipe - Cats vs. Pipe
The Battle Rages On as the Cats Attack the Evil Pipe of Doom!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl; pipe
Downloads: 10
[movies]Mr. Fly in France & Little Bow Loves her Pussy Cat
Mister Fly vacations in France- What a day to travel across Paris, see France. Join Mr. Fly buzz around, just don't eat with him. Strange, Gross, Comedy AND Cute Little Bow loves her Pussy Cat. This little girl plays rough with her furry friend. Cat Lovers be warned. Wild, Wicked, Wonderful - All American SPLAT.
Keywords: searchonly; little girl; pussy cat; bow; play rough; kittie cat; young girl; mister; fly; bug; france; paris; all american splat; pet; cat; baby; wild; silly; animation; animal
Downloads: 49
Watch as this cat tries to take down a Toy boat!
Keywords: home&garden; cats in bowl cats vs funny cats silly cats cute cat hilarious cat crazy cat cats in things cats and bowl toy; boat
Downloads: 11
[movies]Cats Climb Up Someones Leg - Cat vs. Leg
The Most Epic Battle Yet! Watch as the Warrior Cats take on... a LEG!
Keywords: home&garden; cats; in; bowl; cats; vs; funny; cats; silly; cats; cute; cat; hilarious; cat; crazy; cat; cats; in; things; cats; and; bowl; leg
Downloads: 10
Craapy Cat series one is from Jamungo. The artist is Trevor Van Beater. He was released in a larger size and has now been shrunk down. 16 colorways. 2 rare. I am showing 14.
Keywords: toygodd; aftimes.com; jamungo; crappy cat; trevor van beater; vinyl
[movies]Pets Are Victims of Foreclosure Too
Can you believe that some people just leave their pets behind when they move out of their homes? please comment here
Keywords: talk&interview; lost our home; pets; cat; dog; rescue; foreclosure
Downloads: 2
[movies]Tiger Shed Bobcat Box
Help end cruelty like this by speaking up for better laws. Visit http://www.bigcatrescue.org/laws/fwc.htm to send a sample letter now.
Keywords: tiger; bobcat; big; cat; rescue; vanishing; species; wildlife; animal; kingdom
Downloads: 1
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